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Motorcycle Licence Types

Minimum age 17yrs and over: A1 licence 125 cc

If you are 17 to 19 years old you must complete your practical test (Modules 1 & 2) on a 125cc machine. You will then hold a full Category A1 licence. This will allow you to carry passengers and ride a bike up to a 125cc (14.6bhp) , without ‘L’ plates then if you wish when you reach 19 years of age, you can take  take another two part test on a larger bike (see below).

N.B. Persons over the age of 19 may still take this test but will then be restricted to 125cc(14.6 bhp).


Minimum age 19yrs and over: A2 Licence

This A2 category, allows you to take your test on a bike with a power output between 33bhp and 46.6bhp and a minimum of 395cc. We supply suitably restricted Kawasaki ER6 motorcycles for this purpose.

Then after two years experience on this full licence you may, if you wish, upgrade to the category ‘A’ motorcycle licence (any size bike), but you will need then to take a two part test on the unrestricted machine (over 595 cc ), which will allow you to ride any size and power of motorcycle. (Note; you will not be required to take a CBT or theory test if you are upgrading).


24 years and over: Direct Access DSA two part test (from January 19th 2013)

If you are over 24 and have a CBT certificate, successfully completing the Direct Access course means you can ride any capacity machine. The machine used for testing must be at least 595cc, be at least 40kW engine power. Once you are trained and then successfully complete a test on this type of machine, you can discard your ‘L’ plates and ride any capacity machine with your full motorcycle licence.

N.B. Anyone from the age 21 may also take the Direct Access (unrestricted tests) if they have held an A2 licence for a minimum of 2 years.